New Zealand wine imports for trade customers in Europe


One of New Zealand's top Pinot Noir producers that combine both, European style and Kiwi ingenuity. The first vines were planted in 1992 by Hätsch Kalberer and the FROMM team under the guidance of the Swiss founders, Georg and Ruth Fromm.Georg Fromm and Hätsch Kalberer met in the late 80s and decided to create FROMM WINERY.

George had a understanding of European viticulture and Hätsch had worked making wines in both Europe and New Zealand. Two years later in January 1992, after the talking became planning, and the planning became planting, FROMM WINERY officially started.

While the FROMM's returned to Switzerland many years ago, their old family friend and now owner Pol Lenzinger and Swiss business partner George Walliser took over. Hätsch continues to make Pinot Noirs that truly show the expression of the soil. The vines are now with 25 year old.

In 2017 FROMM released a wine under the name Cuvee "H" to honour Hätsch's 25 years of making exceptional Pinot Noir in Marlborough.FROMM has build up a reputation for truely outstanding Pinot Noir. Their passion for Pinot Noir is reflected in the attention to detail shown in the vineyard and throughout the winemaking process. Carefully selected clones and rootstocks, together with intensive vineyard care and low cropping, means the vines produce fruit that illustrates the soil in which they were grown.

Today in FROMM's vineyards, there are eleven clones, 4000 - 5000 vines per hectare, with crop levels around five to six tonnes per hectare (or 30/35 hl/ha).

FROMM is part of the Family of Twelve. The Family of Twelve is a fraternity of twelve of New Zealand’s most prestigious and enduring artisanal wineries.

Reviews & Accolades:

  • “[Clayvin Pinot Noir] Will bring tears of joy to any Pinot Noir lover.” – Bob Campbell MW
  • Top Wineries of New Zealand 2018 & 2019 & 2020 & 2021 – Bob Campbell MW
  • Contender for ‘Winery of the Year 2018’. “Fromm Winery has long been recognised as one of the best producers of Pinot Noirs in Marlborough and indeed New Zealand.”  –  Raymond Chan