New Zealand wine imports for trade customers in Europe

New Zealand wine at ProWein 2024

vinabonus cordially invites you to an extraordinary wine-tasting experience at ProWein 2024, where we will be showcasing a diverse range of premium New Zealand wines. As a valued trade customer, we extend this exclusive invitation to visit our stand and immerse yourself in the distinctive flavors of our carefully curated selection

 At vinabonus, we take pride in directly importing the finest New Zealand wines, offering you a unique opportunity to savor the essence of this exceptional wine region. Our wines are not only a testament to the rich terroir of New Zealand, but are also conveniently available in a German warehouse for your ease of access.

Highlights of your visit to the vinabonus Stand (14C47) include:

1. Wide Range of New Zealand Wines: Explore a diverse portfolio of New Zealand wines, from vibrant Sauvignon Blancs to elegant Pinot Noirs. Our selection caters to every palate, ensuring a delightful experience for all wine enthusiasts.
2. Direct Imports: Taste the authenticity of New Zealand in every sip. Our wines are directly sourced from renowned vineyards, guaranteeing the highest quality and genuine representation of the region's terroir.
3. German Warehouse Availability: Discover the convenience of accessing our New Zealand wines from a local German warehouse. Efficient logistics ensure timely delivery and a seamless experience for our trade partners.
4. Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable team will be on hand to provide insights into each wine, share the stories behind the labels, and assist you in selecting the perfect additions to your portfolio. We will also be joined by three of our winery partners at the vinabonus stand 2024: Man O' War, Te Mata, Spy Valley.

We look forward to welcoming you at our stand (14C47) to share the joy of New Zealand wines and discuss potential collaborations. ProWein 2024 is the perfect setting to connect, indulge in exceptional wines, and explore exciting business opportunities.

To schedule a dedicated appointment or for any inquiries, please contact us.