New Zealand wine imports for trade customers in Europe

Brightwater Gravels

The vineyards are located in Nelson, New Zealand. Nestled between the Wai-iti and Wairoa rivers, the vines thrive in free draining alluvial soils with layered river silts. The riverbanks are hemmed by the native Kowhai tree with its prolific bright yellow spring flowers (New Zealand's national flower), popular with the abundant bird life.

Brightwater Gravels is accredited 100% sustainable. Sheep are used for grass and weed control. High sunshine hours and the cool, clear nights provide a slow ripening period that helps to retain the vibrant varietal flavours.

Brightwater Gravels Winemaker

Former Waimea Estate winemaker Trudy Sheild creates the Brightwater Gravels wines and brings in her 13 experience of creating award-winning wines. The wines are carefully crafted, balanced, and consistently surprise with their complex tones, and polished finish.

Kowhai - the flower on the Brightwater Gravels' logo

The kōwhai is one of the best-known native trees in New Zealand and the country’s unofficial national flower.

It is found throughout New Zealand in a diverse range of habitats. Native birds such as the tui, bellbird, kākā and New Zealand pigeon all benefit from kōwhai trees.

The flower of the kowhai is incorporated into the Bightwater Gravels logo.