New Zealand wine imports for trade customers in Europe

About vinabonus GmbH

vinabonus GmbH is specialised in importing and distributing high quality and hard-to-get wines from New Zealand. It is the love child of a husband and wife team, Petra and Hilmar Naubert.

New Zealand produces only 1% of the world’s wine, but has an international presence and reputation that far exceeds that, due to its diversity, world-leading focus on sustainability, and of course its distinctly New Zealand expression in the glass.

New Zealand still represents a niche in most wine markets besides the consistently high quality and unmatched flavours. This represents an excellent growth potential and point of differentiation for all channels.

All New Zealand wineries are carefully selected by us. We are very pleased that we are able to represent some of the best wineries in New Zealand.  

You can now buy these wines easily from our warehouse near Hamburg.


Petra and Hilmar Naubert, vinabonus GmbH