New Zealand wine imports for trade customers in Europe

New Zealand wine for trade customers in Europe

New Zealand: a land like no other with wines like no other. If you're in search of exceptional, high-quality wines from the picturesque vineyards of New Zealand for your shop, hotel, or restaurant, you've arrived at the perfect destination.

At vinabonus, we take immense pride in curating and importing the finest wines from some of the most renowned wineries in New Zealand. Our mission is to connect you with the rich, diverse flavours of this unique terroir, ensuring that you have access to a selection that is truly unparalleled.

Why choose to do business with vinabonus?

Grow your business through New Zealand wines: The total value of New Zealand wine industry exports (year to May 2023) is $2.4 billion, up 25% on 2022. In 2022 New Zealand was the world’s 6th largest wine exporter by value, despite producing only 1% of the world’s wine.

100% commitment to New Zealand wines: As New Zealand specialists, we have an extensive knowledge of the country and its producers by keeping up to changes and finding new, exciting New Zealand wineries.

Unmatched quality of the wines: New Zealand is celebrated globally for its world-class wines, and we've hand-picked only the best of the best. Our assortment boasts an exquisite range of varietals, each a testament to the exceptional winemaking traditions that thrive in this pristine land.

Fast access to the wines: With our strategically located warehouse in Germany, the New Zealand wines are easy to access for delivery across Europe.

Explore our assortment: On this website, you'll find comprehensive information about all our partner wineries and their exquisite creations. From Sauvignon Blancs that dance on your palate to Pinot Noirs that embody elegance, our assortment is a journey through the flavours of New Zealand. With one order from us, you can show a wide range of New Zealand wines and immediately build up a high-class offer.

Transparent Pricing and Delivery Terms: We understand the importance of clarity in business relationships. Contact us today to receive detailed information on pricing and our terms of delivery.

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Assortment Flyer as Download
New Zealand assortment vinabonus June 2024.pdf (2.8MB)
Assortment Flyer as Download
New Zealand assortment vinabonus June 2024.pdf (2.8MB)